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Monday, January 10, 2011

Urban League Benefit Gala

How pretty is Cincinnati Urban League Monica Magette's daughter, posing with the tcover blanket I made for her to take to college! I made this as a gift...and a sample blanket to display at the Urban League Gala in Cincinnati, offering a custom blanket as one of the raffle prizes. One of the reasons for creating tcovers is a statistic former UC President Nancy Zimpher cited about the high drop-out rate at Ohio colleges and universities. At the time, she indicated about 3 in 10 college freshmen drop out in their first quarter! I found his astounding, yet I do remember starting at Michigan State, so far from friends and family in Long Island, and realizing that I was suddenly a very small little fish in a very big pond. I had been Editor of my high school newspaper, active in my church and community, yet no one knew me at M.S.U. So many young people can't find comfortable ways to communicate who they are to roommates, new acquaintances, professors. Having a blanket that reminds them of their many talents, achievements and leadership roles is a great conversation starter. More importantly, it is something to wrap yourself up in when struggling to find your bearings, study for exams, take to a football game, share special memories with new friends.

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