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Thursday, January 13, 2011

Surprise Christmas Gift

This blanket was fun to make. I received a call early December with a special request. "Do you think you can make a blanket for my husband in time for Christmas?" It was going to be a surprise, and her husband had played football, coached basketball, even designed a couple of the logos for the shirts. "He kept everything," she explained, as we pulled out the  neatly folded shirts, athletic shorts and sweatshirts from a huge plastic bin.  She had retrieved the bin which usually stayed near where they store their Christmas decorations, and she was hoping he wouldn't notice it was missing! He had so many shirts, we had to make a king size blanket to use them all.

One of the things that is great about gathering these memories all in one place is that it gives a way for parents to show their children and grandchildren they weren't always as they are today. It tells the story that they were kids once, college stars once, coaches once. They had shared their talents with their communities, performed in front of cheering crowds, helped other kids find their way. A blanket like this is made to be passed along to the next generation. It helps tell the story that playing, competing, teaching are in the fabric of who we are.

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