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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Mallory Bat Mitzvah Gift

It was Mallory's big day...her Bat mitzvah...and I wanted to give her a special gift. I had worked with her in the Loveland Stage Company where her acting has been a joy to watch over the years. Ever enthusiastic, ready to take on a challenge, she always appears unafraid. She has the capacity for much giving, growing, and loving. When I gave her this Mallory T-cover, she was amazed. This is the story of my life, she marveled as she spread it over her living room floor. She proceeded to tell the story of each square. I saved her thank you note..."Thank you so much for the all-about-me quilt. You gave me one of the neatest gifts I have ever seen! Every time I lay down to go to sleep under my cozy quilt, I think of you!" [P.S., I'm trying to increase the number of blankets I make each mention Mallory before February 15 with your blanket order, and I'll include a T-cover travel pillow for free!]  Now, I am working with Mallory's Mom, Bari Kraus, to organize the Got Talent-2 talent show for Loveland Intermediate School 7th & 8th graders which will be on February 26th. Come see Mallory on-stage!  I love that so many kids her age fill their lives with creativity, sports, connecting to others, learning, and contributing. Making a blanket that celebrates this is an honor for me. Go Mallory!

Hoxworth Blood Center Banner

When Sue Wilkinson asked me to make a 70th anniversary banner from Hoxworth Blood Center T-shirts, I was honored and excited. I had already made one for the lobby for their 4th Street center, and this one would hang on the wall at their main office in Cincinnati.  The story in the banner is how connected Hoxworth is with the community...the Bengals, University of Cincinnati, Xavier, NKU, the Reds and others who join in blood drive campaigns. So many have come together for over 7 decades to share the gift of blood...of life. I am proud to have brought together in one place a work of art that celebrates Hoxworth's commitment to serve, to reach out, to save lives.

Kappa Kappa Gamma Blankets

The blankets you see here are two of  three Kappa Kappa Gamma blankets I have made. My first one was for my daughter, Julie, who had saved 35 Kappa Kappa Gamma T-shirts from her days at University of Cincinnati as a Communications major .I made  She is now an Account Manager at Mahan Advertising in Cincinnati, working with companies like FastPark, Cincinnati Scholarship Foundation, Pure Romance and Penn Station. Wearing her marketing hat, she thought offering a free pillow for T-cover orders before February 1st, 2011 might generate some business. (Mention Kappa, and it's yours!)  Julie treasured her time as a Kappa and continues to stay in touch with her sisters, many now in the work world, married, having babies, and contributing in many ways to their communities. All remain tied together with deep bonds of friendship and loyalty. Blankets here show ones I made for two of her Kappa sisters. Julie and husband Justin gave me a Nikon for Christmas this year...wish I could re-take these pictures. The blankets are really fun and filled with memories!

Chloebelle Christmas Blanket

It fits a twin size bed...used 4 Wendy Bentley designer fabrics.

Some patterns so have to see to fully enjoy!
Chloe and Aunt Julie making cookies Christmas Eve.

When I decided to make a blanket for Chet, Chloe had to have one too. This one I made using fabric from Timeless Treasures made by her designer-Mom, Wendy Bentley (also my lovely daughter). These are among many designs Wendy has licensed. You may also find some of her designs at Michael's, Bentley Publishing, CR Gibson, Creative Co-Op and International Greetings. Chloe likes soft fabrics, so I made some of the contrasting squares from fleece. The back is a lime green fleece which picks up colors from the designer squares. Here are Chloe and Aunt Julie making cookies Christmas evening. One of the things I like about making these blankets is that they are specially made for each person...this one a Chloe-Quilt for Christmas.

Volleyball Star Blanket

This Christmas, Joy asked me to make a surprise gift for her daughter, Ashley. She played volleyball in Loveland, Ohio and now plays on the volleyball team at Ohio Valley University in West Virginia where she earned a volleyball scholarship! This blanket tells the story of her talents, contributions to her community, and love of the game.  Here is her Mom, holding this surprise Christmas gift! They're coming over tomorrow to adjust the seam on one of the it will be perfect for her to take back to school after the break! Especially for college students, far from home, it is comforting to have something like this to wrap yourself in...something to remind you of your successes, where you came from, where you are going.

Christmas 2010 Grandpa Bear husband... passed away in 2006, and his grandchildren never really got to know him. Chloe is now 3, and Chet will be 5 on New Year's Eve. Chet was 6 weeks old when his grandpa died from a cancer that had left him weakened, but with a sense of humor intact and dreams to be realized . He was still planning a motorcycle trip out West with our son, Mike...though the lung cancer had left him barely able to walk. We had saved some of Derk's favorite shirts, pjs, bandana's...and I finally crafted this blanket for Chet for Christmas this year. He helped choose the fabrics and had been checking in on "how his blanket is coming along." The back is a blue fleece...and when he sleeps with it, he will always be reminded of a family who loves him. Making memory blankets like this is such a wonderful experience...each one unique, tying the present and future to a past we treasure.