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Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Christmas 2010 Grandpa Bear husband... passed away in 2006, and his grandchildren never really got to know him. Chloe is now 3, and Chet will be 5 on New Year's Eve. Chet was 6 weeks old when his grandpa died from a cancer that had left him weakened, but with a sense of humor intact and dreams to be realized . He was still planning a motorcycle trip out West with our son, Mike...though the lung cancer had left him barely able to walk. We had saved some of Derk's favorite shirts, pjs, bandana's...and I finally crafted this blanket for Chet for Christmas this year. He helped choose the fabrics and had been checking in on "how his blanket is coming along." The back is a blue fleece...and when he sleeps with it, he will always be reminded of a family who loves him. Making memory blankets like this is such a wonderful experience...each one unique, tying the present and future to a past we treasure.

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