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Sunday, June 8, 2014

Colette's HS Graduation Memory Blanket and Body Pillow

Here is Colette with her body pillow and memory blanket. Her mom, Krista, had seen another blanket I had made...almost 4 years ago! She started saving t-shirts with the intention to have a blanket made for Colette's graduation. She had over 40 t-shirts, chef shirts from her grandfather, visits to different countries and handmade shirts Colette had made over the years.Usually, I lay out the design myself, but Krista wanted to be involved. One afternoon, we spent hours...cutting and laying out the blanket...talking about how Krista met her French chef husband, Philippe, what a joy Colette has been, and how excited that they are that she will start university this fall. One of the squares says "50% French, 50% U.S., 100% me!" Collette plans to study film and script-writing...developing quirky, interesting characters, and bringing British-style humor and sensibility to her writing. Sometimes shy, her blanket will be a conversation-starter as she spreads her blanket on her bed...brings it to picnics and games...and shares her pillow watching movies with friends.
Sherlock Holmes, Beatles, Chicago Aquarium are things she loves.
Wrapping herself in memories.


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